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To help you achieve the best possible life with your companion, we believe your dog should be obedient and reliable whether they are ON or OFF-LEASH and whether there are distractions or not. In all of our programs, you’ll have the opportunity to master training your own dog on the following skillset:


  • OFF of furniture (invitation based)
  • No jumping on people or counters
  • QUIET on command
  • WAIT at doorways
  • Eliminate play biting/mouthing
  • DROP something out of their mouth


  • SIT maintaining stay
  • DOWN maintaining stay
  • PLACE on a bed/mat and remain there
  • HEEL (walk nicely on the left side)
  • COME (return to you off-leash from a

Our All-Inclusive Training Programs

We have 3 primary options to suit your lifestyle.

YOU Train

In our “YOU Train” program, you will spend time in weekly private lessons with our trainer who teaches you the step-by-step process of how to train your own dog to become a well-mannered member of your family.

  • You become the trainer directly involved in your dog’s learning! Take pride knowing YOU are the one creating the relationship with your dog that results in everything you wanted.
  • You take on more responsibility for your dog’s training so that you develop a partnership where communication becomes easy, and things just click.
  • This is a great way to have more consistent results over time because you’ll truly understand how your dog learns and have confidence in making on-the-spot decisions.

“Loved training my dog with Kelly! She is so knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions and concerns. Our puppy is learning his manners and we are so grateful his training allows us to take him into public knowing he will behave! Definitely 5 stars!” -Nicole Wallenhorst with Bernie


WE Train

In this 2-3 week “Day-school” program, your dog learns new skills from the trainer during the day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. At pick up, you will be taught how to reinforce what your dog has learned so far.

  • We’ll have opportunities to work together to reinforce what your dog is learning while with us. You will still feel like you’re supporting your dog’s learning as you complete quick exercises at home to reinforce what your dog learns at school.
  • Have peace of mind knowing even though you have a crazy work schedule and busy life, your dog is still getting mental and physical exercise. Feel at ease when you come home at night to a peaceful home and a content, tired dog.
  • Solidify positive behaviors around distractions so that you and your dog can confidently go out in public. Have confidence your dog is listening and under control.
  • This is an excellent opportunity for your dog to improve confidence in
    social skills around other people. It’s also a wonderful way to decrease fearful, anxious, or over-excited behavior.

“We took our dogs to Kelly and it was so worth it. Our girls would pull on leashes on our walks and have trouble being too distracted outside and not returning to us when called. We did the WE train with Kelly, and after a day with Kelly our girls were totally different dogs for the better… “
-Amanda Alvord with Zoey & Ivy


FAST Train

An immersion residency program where your dog stays with the trainer for 1-3 weeks. When the residency training is completed, you will have private lessons to learn how to properly reinforce your dog’s new manners and obedience.

  • Expedite the learning process as your dog acquires new habits under consistent care of our professional trainers. Receive input and support to reinforce at home what’s been learned.
  • Feel no guilt and have peace of mind knowing that your dog is receiving necessary exercise and mental enrichment, even with your busy work/family life or while you’re on vacation.
  • Help your dog gain confidence in social skills around other people and dogs so that they are more confident, less anxious, and all around a happier dog.

“…Gus has transformed into a responsive pooch who has lovely manners and is a pleasure to walk. Kelly also patiently taught us how to continue his training at home. Kelly is knowledgeable, gentle and a natural teacher to both dogs and their humans.”

Julie Schiller with Gus


Extra-FUN Classes

After your dog has completed a training program with Mayhem to Manners, the fun doesn’t stop! You can look forward to expanding your dog’s skills in our Momentum, Travel & Train, and Alumni Club classes. We also offer support through our Facebook Accountability Community and our Canine Enrichment course.

Let Mayhem to Manners Dog Training help you live the wonderful life you deserve with your beloved companion!

Want to learn more about our programs?

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