On & Off Leash Training

Quiet on Command

No Jumping Up

Wait At Doorway

Eliminate Play Biting / Mouthing

Drop On Command

Sit and Stay

Heel (Walk Nicely)

Come When Called

Our All-Inclusive Training Programs:

YOU Train

A private lesson package where you get to learn the in-depth process of how to train your own dog. Each of the 5 private lessons last between 45-60 minutes. You will then spend time in your daily routine training your dog on the different skills you learn in each lesson, with roughly 1-2 weeks between each lesson. The entire skill set is taught over 1-2 months.

WE Train

A day school program where you drop your dog off with the trainer in the morning & pick up them up in the evening. Your dog spends the day learning the new skill set with one-on-one time with the trainer. You will then learn how to reinforce the new behaviors through 3 private lessons & have some light homework for implementing your dog's new skills into your daily routine at home.

FAST Train

An immersion residency program where your dog stays with the trainer for a 2 weeks. The training process is expedited since your dog will be learning their new habits under consistent care. When the residency training is completed, you will have private lessons to learn how to properly reinforce your dog's new manners and obedience.

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